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Andrew Sanderson

Marble Hall
Lamma Wells Rd

T: 01484 685315

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Andrew Sanderson 2009



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A professional photographer for over 20 years, Andrew Sanderson has established an international reputation as both teacher and practitioner of the photographic medium.

Andrew has exhibited regularly in the UK and New York, and has photographs in picture libraries in both Britain and the United States.

He currently runs workshops from his darkroom and studio in Holmfirth, (see contact details) and gives lectures and demonstrations for Ilford Harman technology as one of their ‘Master Printers'.

"It is perhaps a tribute to his way of looking, but whenever I see an image by Andrew Sanderson, I can immediately recognize it as one of his. It's not because he works to some pre-determined formula, but because he has a wonderful understanding of aesthetics, an uncanny knack of photographing the mundane and through his intuitive appreciation of lighting and tone, when you see his images - they are extraordinary. He reminds us that beauty can be found anywhere.

There is a mistaken belief that in order to take great photographs one needs to travel. When I think of so many of my favourite images by Andrew, they have been taken quite literally a stones throw from where he lives. His vision is sublime. Couple this with his phenomenal darkroom skills, his ability to eke out every nuance of detail from the negative, his fabulous mastery of technique, and not surprisingly Andrew has been an inspiration for longer than I can remember."
Tony Worobiec

"Andrew is one of the UK's leading monochrome printers. His black and white prints are exquisite. He also has an incredible eye for detail, whether it be a close up of a flower or the wide view of a landscape. Nothing is superfluous, everything has its place and these are all rendered so beautifully by his unique printing style. Perhaps my favourite genre is Andrew's night photography. Such a difficult subject to do well and Andrew is a master of it."
Trevor Crone.

"Andrew's work has inspired me from the day I first picked up a camera. There is a magic to his work. An innocence and beauty that reminds me of the early masters. His botanical studies are quite simply beautiful and his observation portfolio genuinely allows us to see the world the way he does in such a wonderful light. He combines with such a high level of technique, science, attention to detail and hard work and yet somehow still manages to produce images that appear effortless, passionate, free and so captivatingly simple.

Andrew Sanderson is both someone who is fascinated by the process of the medium, a trait found in all pioneers, yet at the same time fully realizes the process alone can never be a substitute for an aesthetically beautiful photograph."
David Eustace